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Dr. Norma A. Alcantar discusses the mechanisms in cacti ecosystems that can be used to decontaminate water and reflects on the personal inspiration behind her research:

“There were many other things that I learned from my mother and my grandmother, very valuable. And so, I think transferring knowledge from one generation, of our parents and our grandparents to our children…I think that’s very valuable. We should not lose that ever.”

Dr. Norma A. Alcantar is a Professor of Chemical, Biomedical & Materials Engineering at the University of South Florida.

She is internationally known for her breakthroughs using plant-based technology to decontaminate water. Her research and applications are crucial to future global sustainability and advances in biomedical applications for Alzheimer’s and cancer.

In this episode, Alcantar reflects on her recent induction into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame and shares her research on biomaterial from cactus plants with host Richard Miles.

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