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The Cade Prize for Inventivity—named after Dr. Robert Cade, lead inventor behind Gatorade—celebrates inventors and entrepreneurs, who, through an innovative invention, demonstrate a creative approach to addressing problems in their field of expertise.

Important Dates

Application Window: May 15, 2024 – July 15, 2024

Announcement of 15 Finalists: August 15, 2024

Awards Ceremony: September 25th, 2024

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The Cade Prize competition is open to:

  • independent inventors and incorporated companies in all development areas
  • nonprofits, for profits, and B corporations
  • applicants based in the United States of America
  • applicants with no more than $500,000 in outside investment funding from investors received in exchange for stock, convertible note, or other similar instrument issued by the company (excluding grants, personal funds, in-kind support, competition prizes, or loans from friends and family)


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The Prizes

This year’s Cade Prize finalists will be awarded a total of $100,000 in cash prizes plus in-kind legal services from intellectual property attorneys! The Cade Prize Judging Committee will select a grand prize winner and select one winner from each category.

In-kind Services & Additional Benefits

Finalists are provided with in-kind services from the Saliwanchik, Lloyd, and Eisenschenk law office (SLE).  SLE has provided its clients with exceptional legal services in the field of intellectual property since 1981.  

Finalists are given access to resources provided by OneSixOne Ventures. OneSixOne Ventures is a leading pre-seed venture capital firm in the Southeastern US, specializing in enterprise software and government technology startups. Resources provided include a pitch workshop hosted by the firm and the category winners will receive one-on-one consulting sessions. 

The Cade Museum provides opportunities for various speaking engagements, which include but are not limited to, the Cade’s “Meet an Inventor” Program, Cade’s Speakers Series, and a featured guest spot on the Inventivity™ Pod. 

The Cade Prize program also provides exposure to numerous investment firms and angel investors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria considered by the judges?

The judges will be looking at inventors and entrepreneurs, who, through an innovative invention, demonstrate a creative approach to addressing problems in their field of expertise. The Cade Prize is unique in that it awards innovation at its early stages – no prototype necessary!

Who are the judges and how are they selected?

Judges will be selected by the Cade Prize Committee members and staff. Past judges have included investors, government leaders, and entrepreneurs representing different industries and fields. Judges are selected from across the nation based on their expertise and contributions to the innovation ecosystem.

Do I, or my company, need to be based in Florida?

No! In 2023 the Cade Prize expanded to have a national reach, and we are excited to celebrate inventors and innovation from throughout the country.

Can one innovation be entered into multiple categories?

No. When applying, please choose a single category that most closely fits your application.

Can I enter more than one innovation in a single season?

Yes. They will be judged as separate applications.

Have another question?

If you have a question that was not covered please email: cadeprize@cademuseum.org

The Cade Prize Committee

Committee Members

2023 Winners & Finalists

Cade Prize for Inventivity™ Grand Prize Winner: CranioSense

Category Winners

  • Agriculture and Environmental Sciences: Terra Pave
  • Healthcare Technology: CranioSense
  • Tech: Smart Traffic Sign
  • Energy: Adaptive Hydro
  • Wildcard: SpadXTech

Congratulations to the 21 Fibonacci Finalists!

  • SMARTFUSION, Memphis, TennesseeA software system for insulin pumps that monitors insulin delivery for accuracy, infusion set failure, and provides data for improving infusion habits. Healthcare/Biomedical
  • CranioSense, Boston, Massachusetts – The intracranial pressure assessment and screening system (IPASS) under development at CranioSense, is noninvasive, easy to apply and interpret, and capable of providing screening and continuous monitoring in hospital and nonhospital settings.
    Inventivity™ Grand Prize Winner, Healthcare/Biomedical Winner
  • AiWover, Boston, Massachusetts – Artificial intelligence (AI)-guided cloud-based baby monitoring system Healthcare/Biomedical
  • Curative Therapeutics for Type 1 Diabetes, Hallandale Beach, Florida – Allows Type 1 Diabetics to regain a normal life by restoring their own glucose control system. Healthcare/Biomedical
  • Lactovid, Gainesville, Florida – Provides relief for acute and long-term COVID patients. Healthcare/Biomedical
  • Happy Scratch, Verona, Wisconsin – Treats an underlying immune system deficiency to solve dermatitis in pets. Wildcard
  • Magnetic and Osmotic Inner Tube (MOIT), Tallahassee, Florida – Converts any air inflatable tire into a never flat tire (NFT). Wildcard
  • SpadXTech, Worcester, Massachusetts – A leather alternative material that does not require plastics to bring forward the performance.
    Wildcard Winner
  • Nanoparticle Scintillators, Tucson, Arizona – A way to measure biological activity at the molecular level. Wildcard
  • Phosflow Pellets, Lexington, Kentucky – Pellets that absorb phosphorus and ammonia and reused as fertilizer. Agricultural and Environmental
  • Harmony Desalting, Boston, Massachusetts – Desalination processes that offers improved energy efficiency, waste reduction, scalability, flexibility, enhanced hardware design, and resource recovery capabilities. Agricultural and Environmental
  • Blue71, Key Largo, Florida – A system that encourages individuals to adopt a conservation mindset while empowering them to perform personal conservation activities. Agricultural and Environmental
  • Terra Pave, Austin, Texas – Solves the environmental, health, and efficiency problems associated with traditional paving materials by offering 100% eco-friendly, cost-effective, and superior alternatives.
    Agricultural and Environmental Winner
  • Smart Traffic Sign, Orlando, Florida – Vision-based communication for vehicles through QR codes.
    IT/ Tech Winner
  • Analyz, Gainesville, Florida – Analytics and security for computer chips. IT/ Tech
  • Locus Vision, Gainesville, Florida – Digital spatial navigation device for the visually impaired. IT/ Tech
  • ERAS (Extended Reality Art Studio), Gainesville, Florida – Democratize art by providing an innovative solution that removes barriers based on age, location, physical space, wealth, time, and talent. IT/ Tech
  • 2000W Rapid Wireless power transmission system for electronic devices, Tampa, Florida – Enables electronic devices to be compatible to receive wireless energy. Energy
  • Dual Axis Wind Turbine, Boca Raton, Florida – Delivers a new type of distributed energy wind turbine that addresses the limitations of traditional wind turbines. Energy
  • Adaptive Hydro, Somerville, Massachusetts – A way to electrify non-powered dams (existing dams that do not generate any power) across the US.
    Energy Winner
  • Glowby Lightbulbs, Delray Beach, Florida – Energy efficient, very long-lasting rechargeable lightbulbs. Energy

2022 Finalists

Ambulero, Inc. [2nd Place] – Gene and cell therapy approach for patients with ischemic limb diseases.

Blazing Audio – AuraSense, remote touch technology allowing virtual engagement with patients.

City Detect Inc. – City Detect, analyzing urban decay with cameras and artificial intelligence.

CoFlow Jet Wind Turbines, LLC – Sustainable, low-cost wind turbine technology.

Current Kinetics – Next-generation marine hydrokinetic turbines.

Halo Engines – Rotating detonation rocket engine.

IDEM System – Field drug detection and surveillance system.

Ilika Geospatial [3rd Place] – Earth observation indices, transforming raw satellite data into simple metrics to track drought, crop health, and fire risk.

Kismet Technologies – NanoRAD, surface technology to provide virus and bacteria protection.

Moye Consultants – Advanced energy storage technologies.

Nailed It Building Products – Nailed It Concrete, a cost-effective concrete alternative.

NEPTUNYA Ocean Power [1st Place] – OCTOPODZ, a technology that unlocks renewable energy.

Nhu Energy, Inc. – Clean electric power systems for land, sea, air, and space.

Polymer Solutions Inc. [5th Place] – Transient, self-immolative polymers, a plastic that decomposes quickly into recyclable materials.

Portable Solar, Inc. – Self-assembled home solar panel system.

PRAG, LLC – WriggleBrew, an organic alternative to fertilizers.

Reboot Reforestation – Planting trees with drone technology.

SG Endocrine Research, LLC [4th Place] – Nanoparticle for non-surgical spaying and neutering intravenously administered to pets.

Snake Oil Extractors – Closed rotatable extractor system.

SprainGo, LLC – Pine Rosin, a non-drug topical for inflammation.

Sustainable Landfill Solutions LLC [5th Place & People’s Choice] – RO BOX, A modular on-site landfill leachate system, treating dangerous landfill runoff.

2021 Finalists

Aurita [3rd Place] – Personalized medicine in three dimensions.
Cambium Oncology – Antagonists that block signaling through the receptors for vasoactive intestinal polypeptide.
Colliga Apps – Colliga apps
EcoaTEX [2nd Place] – Sustainable, nanoparticle textile dyeing process
Farm to Flame Energy, Inc. – Farm to flame fuel processor and electricity generator.
FLUIX LLC – TRI-SWIFT modular liquid cooler
Funky Unicorn Treats – Sustain electrolyte cubes.
Hackerproof Technologies – Hackerproof technology for the IoT.
Imanyco – Communify.
Jennifer L. Lammers, LLC – GiggleFIT.
LuftCar, LLC – LuftCar.
Nano Discovery, Inc. – D2Dx™ immunity test.
Oxidien Pharmaceuticals – OX-1.
Percutem – Arterial puncture assist and stabilization device.
b – Bulk acoustic resonance sensing (BARS).
Soarce – Thermoregulation textiles regenerated from plants and agricultural waste.
SPKL, LLC [1st Place] – rbSEE blood flow monitor.
The Resiliency Project, LLC – The Student Resilience Project Toolkit.
University of Alabama at Birmingham – Modular offloading diabetic (MOD) boot.
University of Florida [4th Place & People’s Choice] – Versatile sensor technology for true point of care applications.
USA Prime Biotech – Blood-based biomarker discovery for ALS.

2020 Finalists

Adaptive Neural Systems Laboratory [3rd Place] – Neural-enabled prosthetic hand system.
Agriculture Intelligence – Agroview.
AI Metrics, LLC – AI metrics.
Aviana Molecular Technologies, LLC – Digital biosensing platform with artificial intelligence.
BIUWAVE, LLC – Hybrid biometic underwater vehicle.
Cognosetta, Inc. – CS0022-class compounds for the treatment of tinnitus.
Connected Wise LLC – Smart Vision V2X system.
Covanos [4th Place] – C-Heart.
Engineering Technologies, LLC – The Platypus.
Lightguard – Lightguard.
MADE Health and Fitness, LLC – My MADE App.
MARVLOUS – Multimedia augmented reality vocabulary learning (MARVL) application.
Nhu Energy – Advanced systems for clean energy transformation (ASCEnT).
Nutrivert [1st Place] – Nutrivert.
OncoSpherix – Small molecule dual HIF 1 and 2 inhibitors.
PQSecure Technologies – Suite-Q.
Precision MedCare, LLC – Noninvasive precision detection of liver fibrosis.
Redhill Scientific [2nd Place] – Thin film plasma reactors.
Stentiford Safety Services – Sten Step.
Structured Monitoring Products [5th Place] – Vet Guardian.

2019 Finalists

Anchor Biologics [1st Place] – Develops tissue-anchoring drugs to ensure the right dose goes to the right place for the right amount of time.
Ator Labs, Inc – Device that simulates human metabolism to test and certify respiratory protective devices.
Auxadyne – Foam that expands under pressure for use in medical devices and protective equipment.
Capacitech Energy [2nd Place] – High-power, high-density conductor that increases battery life and capacity.
Extreme Comms Lab [4th Place] – Underwater wireless communication technology.
Florida Insect Control Group, LLC – Virus-spreading urban mosquito control.
HealthSnap – Bluetooth devices that digitally shift from reactive to preventive healthcare.
Locus Agricultural Solutions, LLC – Agriculture probiotics that improve crop yields.
Nano Discovery, Inc. – Blood test that detects immune activity and early stage infection in livestock.
NiekAab Desal, LLC – Pocket-sized, customizable water quality sensor and treatment analysis device.
Path Optical Systems, Inc [3rd Place] – Small and affordable fiber optics that transport information at the speed of light.
PQSecure Technologies – Cybersecurity encryption that protects against quantum computer attacks.
SciKey Diagnostics – Artificial intelligence-based diagnostic test for early detection of Alzheimer’s.
Sea’s the Future, LLC – Clean, scalable, closed system for harvesting energy from tidal sources.
Thor ORE – Portable, environmentally safe filtration system for mining of multiple precious metals.
UWF Center for Applied Psychology – Portable, customizable mobile training app to improve situational awareness among medical professionals.

2018 Finalists

3D Build Systems, LLC – Large 3D printer to print wall structures, homes, and buildings using concrete.
AB Training Wheels – Boss Helmet.
Antibiotic Adjuvant [2nd Place] – Artificial-intelligence-optimized antibiotic recommendations.
Captozyme, Inc. – Nephure.
DiaTech Diabetic Technologies, LLC – Insulin pump injection site malfunction sensor (ISMS).
InitWeather [4th Place] – Artificial intelligence to analyze all available weather data for more accurate forecasts.
Interchecks Miami – Interchecks.
Mercurius – Scalable, secure nucleic acid memory (NAM) platform.
NeuroJungle, LLC – PAGEs.
Nhu Energy – Grid Edge Intelligence.
NiekAab Desal, LLC – AggieMED.
PhotoOp Miami – PhotoOp
Precision One Health, Inc. – POH platform.
Soilcea [1st Place] – Disease-resistant citrus created using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing.
Standing Wave Reformers, LLC [3rd Place] – A method of producing hydrogen that requires no water and generates no CO2.
We Craft Box – We Craft box.

2017 Finlists

AggieMed – A new technology to desalinate brackish and saline water.
Blue Wave – Rapid deodorization and disinfection device.
Cellvana Biotechnology [1st Place] – An ingeniously simple way to speed up research on rare diseases and other illnesses making drug discovery faster, cheaper, and better.
ClaimFound – Digitized unclaimed property databases to simplify finding assets.
Current Kinetics – Turbines to deliver energy from tidal flows and ocean currents.
Healthsteps – A pediatric care mobile app that provides patient care instructions and reminders.
HyCarb [Final Four] – Technology for harvesting graphene from recyclable materials using nanotechnology to create much more powerful batteries.
Innovative Detection Concepts – A program using drones and canines to fight an invasive beetle in avocados.
Rain Neuromorphics [Final Four] – Connects artificial neurons in “neuromorphic hardware,” a brain scaffolding useful for artificial intelligence.
Sensatek [Final Four] – Invented a way to measure the surface temperature inside turbines in real time using ceramic wireless devices. This increases the efficiency and lowers the cost of everything from gas turbines to jet engines.
SLBST Pharma – Non-hormonal therapy for the treatment of endometriosis.
Smart Barrel – An application for construction managers to monitor job sites.
SmartJet – Wireless sensor for continuous temperature monitoring of gas turbines.
Standing Wave Reformer – Low-cost hydrogen production.
SynMatter – Smart particles for corrosion protection.
Two Degrees – A social network that connects mutual friends.
VideoPura – Perceptual video processing that removes inefficiencies in video encoding and streaming.

2016 Finalists

AbleNook [Final Four] – Develops prefabricated living modules that snap together and are easily assembled, transported, and adaptable to diverse terrain.
Actionable Quality Assurance – Quality assurance software.
AKQYS – The world’s first GPS luggage tracker with hidden cameras.
Apellix – Worker Bee.
Artic Solar – XCPC collectors- External concentrating parabolic solar collectors that provide heat.
Circulogix – faCTChecker, a micro-filter-based circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture and characterization platform to reveal important information about the metastatic process and contribute to the better management of cancer.
DyCap Media Solutions – Nimbus Auto Tracker, a camera module that automates video production by utilizing state-of-the-art image-tracking technology.
Feynman Nano [Final Four] – A technology for self-cleaning and omnidirectional anti-reflective films that can be easily applied on solar panels to improve their overall service lifetime.
H2 Global – A water-based fuel that burns clean and offers equal or more power for all current fossil fuel applications.
Hesperos [Final Four] – In-vitro human models for drug and chemical testing to reduce the rate of failed human clinical trials and therefore decrease the cost of developing new drugs.
ICARUS – A system that promotes algae biomass production from wastewater, reducing anthropogenic discharges of nutrients into receiving waters, while converting waste products into algae biomass.
KynderMed [1st Place] – A sleep mask that uses light to prevent preterm birth, thereby reducing deaths in newborns.
One Health Labs – Patented medical technology that utilizes ultraviolet light to inactivate surface bacteria while preserving the viability of host cells, thus reducing the likelihood of infection in surgical site wounds.
PikMyKid – A mobile-app-based student management and communication system that makes school dismissal smarter, safer, and cheaper.
Rehoboth Innovations – ReSPECT, a device and software system that minimizes complication rates and improves shoulder function in osteoarthritic cases.
Wagner Industries – Launch vehicles and prototyping services for responsive space exploration.

2015 Finalists

AqUV [Final Four] – aqUV Free, a reusable solar-powered water bottle that purifies water.
Didrick Medical – X-Fingers, an active-function artificial finger assembly designed specifically for partial finger amputees.
Dock-n-Lock – A safe driving system to prevent cellphone distractions for commercial truckers.
Everix [1st Place] – Custom design and manufacturing of high-performance interference optical filters.
Hemolix – Smartphone-based platform for early detection of pregnancy complications.
HySense Technology – Intellipigment, a color-changing pigment (chemochromic) technology for hydrogen leak detection for the aerospace, chemical, energy, and gas industries.
Immersed Games – Tyto Online, a video game created as a platform for learning.
Innovatia Medical Systems – MARVEL, miniature wirelessly networked in-vivo devices for use in minimally invasive surgery.
KynderMed [Final Four] – A sleep mask that enables women at risk of preterm labor to forestall delivery.
LifeNet Systems – A soft, energy-absorbing roadway barrier.
NeXtGen Biologics – Axolotl Extra Cellular Matrix, which accelerates the healing and restoration of tissue and wounds.
NIROS Technologies – Visual scope to monitor wound healing.
Partnering in Innovation [Final Four] – Pi-CO2 aqueous carbon capture, to change the economics of C02 capture.
PureMolecular – Genetic sensor for seafood authenticity.
Rehoboth Innovations – ReSPECT, a device and software that minimizes complication rates and improves shoulder function in osteoarthritic cases.
SurfPlasma – Plasma energy surface sanitizer, Destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi in indoor environments.

2014 Finalists

Advanced Technologies and Testing Laboratories
Advantek Consulting
Aqua Mizer
BioReNEW (NEWgenerator) [1st Place]
DBS Surgical Solutions
I Media Reach
Impact Medical Strategies [Final Four]
Innovatia Medical Systems
Kinwa [Final Four]
Paracosm [Final Four]
Quantitative Medicine
Quick-Med Technologies

2013 Finalists

Academy BioPharma
Andante Biologics
BioCurity Sentry Technology
Didrick Medical: X-Finger [Final Four]
Green Liquid and Gas Technologies [Final Four]
NanoPhotonica [1st Place]
NeuroNet Learning
Neva Scientific
Pandora Genomics
Partender [Final Four]
Quantitative Medicine
US PhytoTherapy

2012 Finalists

BioAcousTech [1st Place]
Electronic Catheter Stethoscope
Green Liquid and Gas Technologies
Intravenous Delivery Systems for Volatile Gas Anesthetics
Irrimax Corporation (Irrisept)
NanoDiscovery [Final Four]
NEVA Scientific
Pacifier Activiated Lullaby
Prometheon Pharma [Final Four]
Reliox [Final Four]
Shadow Health
Social News Desk
Spin Concentrator and Method
Vilgilant Biosciences

2011 Finalists

Alz Alert
Barrels of Hope
Delta R Detection
Emerald Endeavors
Florida Sustainables [1st Place]
Green Liquid and Gas Technologies
Irrimax Corporation (Irrisept)
On Running
Optima Neuroscience [Final Four]
Plastic from Wood
Prometheon Pharma
Quick Med Tech (Nimbuderm)
Sol-Gel Solutions [Final Four]
Xobotix [Final Four]

2010 Finalists

Barrels of Hope
Bit Cauldron
Fiber-optic dosimeter
Florida Sustainables [Final Four]
Green Liquid and Gas Technologies
H2O Life Technologies [Final Four]
Night Vision Devices
RedOx Fuel Cells
Sharklet Technologies
Touchless Stethoscope
Trendy Entertainment
Tutor Matching Service [1st Place]
WiOptix [Final Four]

The Story

This national competition – which celebrates early-stage inventions – is the capstone initiative of the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention in Gainesville, FL. The prize is named after Dr. James Robert Cade, Gatorade’s lead inventor.

Dr. Cade was a professor of renal medicine at the University of Florida. In 1965, he found a solution to a real problem: football players collapsing on the University of Florida’s practice field from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Cade and his team tested a sports drink that replaced electrolytes lost through sweat, and Gatorade was born!

But taking an idea – like Gatorade – and moving it beyond the lab and into the marketplace can take years of effort and significant resources. Capital is needed to help secure patents, licensing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing. Without foundational financial support, many startups like Gatorade would have remained just a lab experiment.

That’s the motivation behind the Cade Prize.

“All inventors need is a little money and a lot of encouragement to get them to the next level – so they have a better chance of attracting bigger funders,” commented Richard Miles, who co-founded the Cade Museum with his wife, Phoebe Cade Miles.

The Cade Prize began as a Florida-based competition. In 2023, the prize expanded to a national reach and invited inventors based anywhere in the United States to apply. The Cade Prize celebrates innovation and Inventivity™ by identifying, recognizing, and celebrating inventors and entrepreneurs, who, through an innovative invention, demonstrate a creative approach to addressing problems in their field of expertise. The Cade Prize is unique in that it awards innovation at its earliest stages – no prototype necessary!