Invest in the Future

Thank you to our Fibonacci and +1 Society members for providing the foundational donations that enabled us to open the museum, and thank you to our Ulysses Society members for providing vital continued support that allows us to expand our innovative programming and reach our community in new ways.

Ulysses Society Members

I am a part of all that I have met;
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades
For ever and forever when I move.

– “Ulysses”, Alfred Lord Tennyson

Inspired by the title of the poem that heavily influenced Dr. James Robert Cade’s approach to life, the Ulysses Society serves to appreciate and recognize those individuals whose levels of giving support the development of diverse experiences that spark wonder and invent possible for our community. Without our Ulysses Society members, the Cade would not be able to make the impact it does on future inventors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

​Donors enjoy exclusive benefits and receive the highest level of access and service from Cade Museum staff. A variety of social events throughout the year celebrate our exhibitions, the Cade Prize, and other museum events. Your membership support helps our team create an exciting and diverse calendar of exhibitions and programming for you and our community.

We invite your thoughtful consideration to join in this inaugural year of membership and help provide our community and beyond with inspirational educational experiences. For more information about the Ulysses Society, or to update your contact information, please contact us at 352-371-8001.

+1 Society Members

+1 Society Donors are the original supporters of the Cade Museum. Their foundational donations from 2013 to 2018 allowed us to make the dream of the Cade Museum a reality.


  • Mrs. Darby Adair
  • Alachua County
  • Martin Andersen and Gracia Andersen Foundation
  • Mr. Tony and Ms. Olga Barr
  • Mrs. Mary Cade*
  • Mr. Nathan and Ms. Ani Collier
  • Dr. Timothy and Ms. Jennifer “Jenn” Garrett
  • Gatorade
  • ​Ms. Lisa Markham
  • Mr. Ken and Ms. Linda McGurn
  • Dr. and Mrs. David Molyneaux
  • Mr. Richard Miles and Ms. Phoebe Cade Miles
  • Dr. William “Bill” and Ms. Betty Petty
  • Dr. Alejandro M. de Quesada and Family
  • Mr. Loren and Ms. Bonnie Roby
  • Patti Shively Foundation
  • Mr. Michael Tubbs



  • Mr. Jeffrey and Ms. Monet Fitzsimmons
  • Mr. ​Peter and Ms. Eileen Maren
  • Mr. Perry* and Ms. Noel McGriff
  • Charles Perry Partners, Inc.
  • ​Mr. David and Ms. Nancy Saliwanchik
  • Mr. Randy and Ms. Sally Scott



  • Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Isabel Adams
  • ​Mr. James and Ms. Amy Cade
  • Ms. Martha Cade
  • Mr. Joe Cirulli
  • Ms. Rosemary Donohue
  • Mr. Phil* and Ms. Barbara Emmer
  • Mr. James Hentges*
  • Mr. Norman Hommen and Ms. Gwendolyn Frazier
  • Dr. Janice and Mr. Mark Gold
  • ​Dr. Gary and Ms. Suzy Miller
  • Dr. Brian and Ms. Susannah Peddie
  • ​Dr. Earl and Ms. Brenda Pickens
  • Mr. Thomas and Ms. Karen Rose
  • Mr. John and Ms. Sheila Spence
  • Mrs. SusanWasher


Recognition Through Art

Visionaries: Learn to See

Arranged in a spiral around the Cade Museum are 21 statues. The Cade Museum’s founder, Phoebe Cade Miles, commissioned artist Jennifer Garrett to create an installation that would honor major supporters of the vision of the Cade–those who understood the importance of a project roughly defined but full of potential. They could envision what was yet to be seen.

Garrett created Gestalt images, using donor profiles, to both honor these early visionaries and inspire visitors to view the world from different perspectives.

These profiles in courage, creativity, and individuality circle our state-of-the-art institution. The next time you visit, please make sure to walk the statue-lined Fibonacci Spiral path, study the images, and reflect on the selected quotes on each. Until then, watch the video below for a birds-eye view of this amazing art installation.

A big thank you to our 21 Visionaries:

  • Richard Miles + Phoebe Miles
  • Tim Garrett + Jenn Garrett
  • Joe Cirulli
  • Perry McGriff + Noel McGriff
  • Joe Cauthen + Virginia J. Cauthen
  • Randy Scott + Sally Scott
  • Tom Maren + Eileen Maren
  • David Saliwanchik + Nancy Saliwanchik
  • Martha Cade + Stephen Cade
  • John Jay Markham + Lisa Runnells Markham
  • Loren Roby
  • Darbra Adair + Kim Dumas
  • Nathan S. Collier + Ani V. Collier
  • Ken McGurn + Linda McGurn
  • David Molyneaux
  • Josh Greenberg
  • Patricia Shively + Jamie Janes
  • Thomas Warlow + Megan Warlow
  • Gene Tubbs + Carole Tubbs
  • Alejandro M. de Quesada + Graciela de Quesada
  • Bob Cade + Mary Cade

Nautilus Sculpture

In 2021, artist Jenn Garrett was once again commissioned by the Cade Museum to create this exquisite art piece to recognize our +1 Society Donors. These visionary donors were the original supporters of the Cade Museum, and their foundational gifts from 2013-2018 allowed us to make the dream of the Cade Museum a reality. The sculpture can be found in the museum’s rotunda and is inspired by the Fibonacci Spiral, as is the architecture of the museum itself.

The Cade Museum seeks dynamic partnerships of all sizes and types. Together, we can spark a passion for STEAM education and invent possible for children and adults of Alachua County and beyond. Your support will help us transform communities by inspiring and equipping future inventors, ​entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

For more information, contact us at