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Imagination in Motion: Animation and Optical Illusions

Opening January 18, 2024

Enter a world of endless possibilities where reality blurs and creativity takes center stage. Unveil the secrets of animation’s evolution, immerse yourself in optical illusions, and discover the science behind your favorite animated films. Imagination in Motion is a visual playground where creativity knows no bounds and the impossible becomes possible. Prepare to have your senses challenged and your mind baffled as you encounter a mesmerizing array of optical illusions. Get ready for a journey of creativity, imagination, and mind-boggling surprises!

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Rotunda Exhibit

Reel Revolution: The Rise of Animation

Opening January 18, 2024

Explore how the future of animation is being shaped within the minds of visionaries just like you. Step through time to uncover the origins of some of the most well-loved movies, shows, and characters of all time.

Take a tour around the world to different animation studios like Florida’s own Walt Disney Animation Studios, California’s Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Japan’s beloved Studio Ghibli. Discover their rocky roads to success, tools of the trade, jobs within the industry, and the creative processes behind bringing pictures to life.

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Permanent Exhibits

The Sweat Solution

Gatorade from concept to commercialization and beyond…​The Sweat Solution provides a summary answer to that delicate but necessary question posed in 1965, “Why don’t football players ever urinate during a game?” The exhibit will showcase the invention of Gatorade, the lives saved because of its science, the industries that emerged from its invention, and its incredible global impact.

At First Flush

At First Flush will tell you the story of toilets, soaps, and Thomas Crapper. Find out how astronauts use the restroom, how toilets crowned the most powerful cities, and who used the first flushable toilet (and loved it).

Located in the Cade Museum’s restrooms.

Mothers of Invention

Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention, but at the Cade, we see inventions born from all of these Mothers of Invention: Necessity, Curiosity, Imagination, Iteration, and Serendipity. Around Rotunda, see examples of inventors who exemplify these concepts. Click the button below to read more about the exhibit and listen to the audio tour.

Located along the Cade Museum’s second floor rotunda.

Audio Tour Available​

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