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The Inventivity Pod
A COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment
Dr. Jean-François Rossignol discusses the development behind a class of antiviral drugs, such as Nitazoxanide and Thiazolides, that stimulate immune cells, activating gene pathways that block viral transformation: “You’re leading an entire population, and you give them a pill for treating their problems, and you cannot have any side effects, any toxicity, or any kind of things like that. You have to have a safe drug. And that’s what we did.”
Dr. Jean-François Rossignol is the Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Romark Laboratories in Tampa, as well as a professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease at the University of South Florida. He is a scientist, medical chemist, and physician who developed groundbreaking treatments for parasitic diseases.

In this episode, Rossignol talks with host Richard Miles about his recent induction into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame and shares his research on antiviral drug development.

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