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The Inventivity Pod
Breaking and Creating with Rodrigo Griesi

“It’s not all the time, things you love, that you want to do, that you will succeed. It’s figuring out something that you love, or you can love, and someone else really needs it. So when you find this intersection, I think you’re going in the right direction.”  – Rodrigo Griesi

Listen as host Richard Miles and Rodrigo Griesi have an engrossing, encompassing conversation. From how winning the 2022 Cade Prize impacted Rodrigo’s business, NEPTUNYA, to insights into different business cultures, and what we can do with failure. Join us for the final episode in our Hope for the Future series.  

The Hope For the Future series is an innovative look at sustainability. For this limited series, we talk to inventors contributing to the sustainability movement. Listen and see why they provide, Hope for the Future. 

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