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The Inventivity Pod
Kitchenery's Cordless Solution with Akshay Bhuva

In the final episode in our Smart Home series, host James Di Virgilio sits down with Akshay Bhuva, the founder and CEO of Kitchenery, a pioneering company revolutionizing the kitchen appliance industry. Akshay shares his journey from the inception of Kitchenery in his own kitchen during the COVID-19 pandemic, to the development of cutting-edge wireless power transfer technology. With a focus on embracing failure, persevering through challenges, and inspiring consumers, Akshay’s story highlights the importance of resilience and passion in the entrepreneurial journey. Join the conversation as they discuss the transformative potential of Kitchenery’s innovations and the vision to redefine the future of cooking experiences.

“Innovation is not just about creating something new; it’s about embracing failure, staying lean, and persevering through challenges. Every setback is a lesson in disguise, and resilience is the key to success in the journey of entrepreneurship. Success in innovation isn’t about what you do; it’s about why you do it. Your passion and belief in your mission inspire others to join you on the journey to change the world.” – Akshay Bhuva

Our Smart Home series dives deep into the brains behind the innovations, exploring how biometric data, wireless powerless technology, and AI are shaping the homes of tomorrow. Tune in and get ready to reimagine how you live!

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