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Raha Saremi: Founder and CEO of EcoaTEX
Raha Saremi joins host James Di Virgilio to discuss how her company, EcoaTEX, is disrupting the highly pollutive textile industry by using natural materials to develop sustainable products for dyeing, coating, and finishing textiles.
Saremi and her team developed fabric treatment methods that uses 90% less water and fewer harmful chemicals than traditional techniques: “”[T]he good thing about our method is, you don’t need to have any specific type of equipment in order to use the method, we can just modify and adjust the existing textile manufacturing equipment and use it with our technology.”
In this episode, Saremi shares the experiences that inspired her to change the textile industry. She discusses how aspiring entrepreneurs need resilience, even if it means exploring avenues that hadn’t considered before. 
To learn more about EcoaTEX visit their website at
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