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The Inventivity Pod
The Inventivity Pod
Santh Sathya: CEO of LuftCar, LLC

Santh Sathya joins host Richard Miles to discuss how his company, LuftCar LLC, is revolutionizing the realm of regional transportation, providing both sustainable and affordable multipurpose mobility vehicles. 

Sathya and his company are in the process of developing hydrogen powered, modular, autonomous air and road mobility electric vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing: “A lot of people have to travel hundreds of miles to go to a large commercial airport to take an overseas trip or take a long-distance flight. So, what we are doing is promoting an alternative for those people to fly from their little hometowns, from the rural areas, from small cities to these bigger commercial airports and both those sides”. 

In this episode, Sathya discusses how the movies he saw in his childhood inspired him to find a solution to the problems many face regarding regional transportation—only about 28% of the American population has access to air travel, because it is too tedious or expensive, but Sathya believes it does not have to continue to be this way. He believes inventors should collaborate and solve similar problems together.

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