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The Future of Baby Monitoring with Sarah Ostadabbas

This week on the show, host Richard Miles explores the possibilities of parenting technology with Sarah Ostadabbas, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northeastern University. Sarah isn’t just talking theory – she’s built a revolutionary baby monitor called AI Wover. Tune in to hear how AI Wover goes beyond simple monitoring, the key distinctions between AI and augmented cognition, and why Sarah believes mentors are crucial for empowering female engineers. Tech enthusiasts and parents won’t want to miss this groundbreaking discussion on AI and child development.

The thing that is very important for me as the lead founder of AI Wover is bringing equity to the hand of everybody, every household with an infant on their day watch. This baby monitoring system, without extra cost, can be equipped with advanced AI and watch out if the babies are going through every milestone on time. And if not, then that concern that they have can be brought up to the pediatrician, and then hopefully the chain of action could happen on time.”                                                                                                                      – Sarah Ostadabbas

Our Smart Home series dives deep into the brains behind the innovations, exploring how biometric data, wireless powerless technology, and AI are shaping the homes of tomorrow. Tune in and get ready to reimagine how you live!

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