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The Inventivity Pod
Smart Homes Made Simple with Andrew Gebhart

Listen as host James Di Virgilio and Andrew Gebhart, Senior Analyst at PCMag, for the first episode in our Smart Home series! Listen as Andrew breaks down the must-know facts about smart home tech, from easy steps for equipping your home to a glimpse of the futuristic features on the horizon.

“In my dream world of, like, a smart home, I want Rosie the robot. I don’t want to do chores at all. And we’re getting there. I think we’re getting there. I think a lot of the pieces are there. But whether we’ll actually see it all come to fruition in a way that everybody’s really happy about in five to ten years, you know, I don’t know. Fingers crossed.” – Andrew Gebhart

Our Smart Home series dives deep into the brains behind the innovations, exploring how biometric data, wireless powerless technology, and AI are shaping the homes of tomorrow. Tune in and get ready to reimagine how you live!

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