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Mohit Patil and Parth Shah advise other future entrepreneurs on conceptualizing a company and its products: “Don’t come up with a solution looking for a problem, that almost always never works out…what you need is a problem. A problem that the society has, a problem that people are desperate to get solved and then use your engineering mind to think, oh, how can I solve that problem?”.

Mohit Patil and Parth Shah co-founded Abilitare, a company that provides hands-free access to computers and smartphones for people with hand disabilities. Their products include: the Abili headmouse, a head-wearable sensor that allows the user to control the mouse cursor using head motions instead of hands, an adaptive switch that can be used with feet, fists, or elbows, and Dwell toolbar, a mouse clicking software.

In this episode, Patil and Shah share the inspiration behind their ideas with host Richard Miles and recommend always having patience, especially when starting a new business.

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