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Susann Keohane discusses how she uses remote sensing to study behavior patterns in the aging population, a project she hopes will help the elderly thrive:

“Overall, I really want us to make older adults feel like technology is for them…and it’s theirs to be used to, and it should be marketed, advertised, and designed for everyone”.

Susann Keohane is the IBM Watson Health Innovation Leader for Healthy Aging and Longevity. Her induction into the Florida Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 2021 is amongst one of her achievements; another includes having 137 U.S. patents. She has become an expert in enabling human ability through emerging technologies with a focus on accessibility research, aging-in-place Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and cognitive systems to deliver personalized insights and adaptive interfaces.

In this episode, Keohane shares with host Richard Miles the importance of building more intuitive design solutions for the aging population, alongside having them feel comfortable with the technology.

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